Back on Track Workshops

Spring 2024 - Get Back on Track

Is your GPA in need of a boost? Are you ready to improve your college success? You're not alone. You're part of our community and we want you to succeed.

Come to our in-person or online workshop and learn ways to get back on track and complete your educational goal!

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What academic & progress probation mean, and ways to return to good standing
  • Adjustments you can make to improve your performance, confidence and success in college
  • Campus resources to support you academically and personally

Register Online    or call the Counseling department at 707-527-4451 to RSVP for one of these workshops.


Spring 2024 Workshop Schedule


Mon. 2/12 @11am-12pm :: in-person

Fri. 2/23 @11:30am-12:30pm :: in-person

Thurs. 3/7 @11am-12pm :: in-person

Mon. 3/11 @10am-11am :: on Zoom*

Morning in-person location:

Bertolini 2nd floor, Rm. 4734


Thur. 2/8 @1pm-2pm :: in-person

Tues. 2/20 @5pm-6pm :: on Zoom*

Wed. 2/28 @4:30pm-5:30pm :: on Zoom*

Tues. 4/2 @12pm-1pm :: on Zoom*

Wed. 4/10 @4:30pm-5:30pm :: on Zoom*

Thur. 4/25 @12pm-1pm :: in-person

Afternoon in-person location:

Bertolini 2nd floor, Rm. 4734

* Zoom sessions are online only, not hybrid.

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Boost your GPA!

Back on track!