Choose to be a Successful Student

Attending college is a planned event, and becoming a successful college student is often a matter of choices. Take advantage of the student support services and the myriad learning opportunities at SRJC as listed below:

• Enroll in a Counseling course to learn how to be a more effective learner, such as:

Coun 60, Effective Study Workshop

Coun 53, College Survival Techniques

Coun 355, College Preparation Skills.

• Take classes to develop effective reading and writing skills. Enroll in an English class in the first semester and consider support courses such as those offered in College Skills.

• Select and meet with a counselor on a regular basis to discuss educational, career, and/or personal issues related to college success.

• Utilize instructor office hours to get help, to check on class progress, and for information regarding educational and career goals in their fields.

• Get to know other students. Enjoy the rich diversity of SRJC students and form study groups to expand your understanding and improve your learning.

• Visit student support services such as:

Career Development Services

College Skills/Tutorial Center

Financial Aid Office

Scholarship Office

Student Health Services

Transfer Center

• Participate in Student Life on campus, such as:

Art exhibits, concerts, lectures, plays, and athletic events

Student government

Employment at SRJC as a student employee

Keeping Track of your GPA

A 2.0 minimum grade point average (GPA) is required to be in good academic standing and for graduation. To keep track of GPA:

  1. Assign a numerical value to each grade received (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0)
  2. Multiply the grade the number of units of the class.
  3. Divide the total number of grade points by the total number of units attempted. 
      Course Grade Units x Grade Grade points
      3 units B (3x3=9) 9
      3 units C (3x2=6) 6
      1 unit A (1x4=4) 4
      3 units C (3x2=6) 6
      3 units D (3x1=3) 3
    Units attempted: 13 TOTAL      
    Grade points:       28 TOTAL
  4. Grade point average: 28 grade points divided by 13 units = 2.15 GPA