Counseling 10 - First Year Experience

Consider taking Counseling 10 during your first year at Santa Rosa Junior College. This First Year Experience class is often part of various learning communities but is also offered on its own as well.

Counseling 10 is:

  • A 3-unit UC/CSU transferable course which also gives GE credit for CSU
  • Directed toward traditional, first time college students
  • Designed to help students develop lifelong learning skills and personal awareness
  • Recommended for students at the English 100 or English 1A level

Counseling 10 Course Description:

This course provides students in their first year of college with an introduction to the nature, meanings and outcomes of higher education through the exploration and application of intellectual, social, and psychological principles that lead to well-being and success in college. Students will examine the stages of adult development, learn successful life management techniques, learn strategies for motivation and stress management, and apply creative and critical thinking techniques.