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Your Educational Options at SRJC

Many students begin at SRJC with a clear educational goal and many others have not yet identified one. Community colleges such as ours are a great place to explore options and pursue various academic goals. In this section, we will focus on educational options such as Career Education (CE), Associate Degrees, and preparation to transfer to a university for a goal of earning a Bachelor’s degree.

Additionally, students may have a goal to improve basic skills in areas of English, English as a Second Language (ESL), and/or math. These foundational courses provide students with skills to be successful at collegiate level coursework as well as providing skills useful in work environments and everyday life.

You may also choose to explore and learn about various fields of study and career paths. Because SRJC is a large community college, the course options are quite extensive. We also encourage students who are undecided about their educational goals to take Counseling 6, Introduction to Career Development. 

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