Make an Education Plan

An education plan is like a road map, showing a student the path to achieving his/her educational goals. Each student should meet with a counselor to develop an education plan before starting at Santa Rosa Junior College and should check in frequently along the way to make adjustments and monitor progress. While creating an education plan, the student and counselor will consider educational options together, review requirements, and select appropriate courses. You can view the plan you and your counselor created in your portal by clicking "My Education Plan" in the "My Records" section.

Link to Education Plan in Student Portal

Ideas for the First Semester

Transfer Program (Major known)

  • English Class
  • Math Class
  • General Ed Class
  • General Ed or Elective

Occupational or Career Education Program (CE)

  • CE Course
  • CE Course
  • CE Course
  • General Ed or Elective

Undecided Student Program

  • English class
  • Math class
  • Coun 6, Intro to Career Development

To make a list of other possible courses, look in the Schedule of Classes to find:

  • Courses that look interesting
  • Beginning courses in a subject area
  • Courses to improve basic skills like English and math (College Skills)
  • Courses that meet General Education requirements for the associate degree and/or transfer
  • Courses to strengthen computer and research skills from the following departments: Computer Studies (CS) and Library and Information Sciences (LIR)

Other course possibilities might include:

  • Coun 6 Intro to Career Development - 3 units
  • Coun 10 First Year Experience - 3 units
  • Coun 53 College Survival Techniques - 3 units
  • Coun 60 Effective Study Workshop - 1 unit
  • Coun 80 Understanding the Transfer Process - 1 unit
  • Work Experience of Community Involvement - 1 to 6 units