My College Goals

Currently my goals for college include: (Check and complete all that apply)

1) _____Completing a Career & Technical Education certificate program at SRJC. I am interested in these certificates: ______________________, _______________________, ___________________ .

2) _____ Transferring to one of these universities: __________________, or _________________ or ___________________.

3) _____ I plan to major in ______________________, or ______________________ at SRJC.

4) _____ I plan to major in _____________________, or ____________________ at a university.

5) _____ I am undecided about my educational goal. I will begin taking GE courses.

6) Possible courses that I might want to take my first semester at SRJC: ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ______________________________________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ 

7) Check any of the statements that apply to you:

_____I applied (or I plan to apply) for financial aid.

_____I applied for a scholarship or I plan to apply next year.

_____I plan to work while I am in college. Number of hours per week:________

_____I plan on enrolling in Work Experience (college credit for working).

_____I plan on playing intercollegiate sports.