The information in this guide is based on 2014-15 articulation agreements and is subject to change. San Diego State University requires additional lower division courses beyond those listed or articulated. Please review a current SDSU catalog and consult with a counselor. The most recent articulation information is available at

Last updated 08/4/15.


All Engineering majors at SDSU are impacted. For information on impaction criteria and minimum GPA requirement, please refer to the articulation agreement for each major at

SDSU SRJC Aero Civil Comp Cons Elec Env Mech
BIOL 100 BIO 10 x x x x x   x
BIOL 204/204L * BIO 2.2+2.3           x  
CHEM 200 or 202 CHEM 1A or 4A x x   x   x x
CHEM 130 CHEM 8           x  
MATH 150+151 * MATH 1A+1B x x x x x x x
MATH 252 MATH 1C x x     x x x
MATH 245 MATH 4     x        
MATH 254 MATH 5     x   x    
STAT 250 MATH 15   x   x   x  
PHYS 195/195L PHYS 40 x x x x x x x
PHYS 197 PHYS 41 x         x x
PHYS 196/196L PHYS 42 x x x x x x x
CIV E 218 SURV 50   x   x      
COMPE 160 CS 10     x   x    
COMPE 260 CS 11     x        
CON E 280 ARCH/CONS 71A+71B       x      
E E 204 or 210 ENGR 16 x   x   x    
AE or ME 200 ENGR 34 x x   x   x x
M E 240 &/or 241 ENGR 45 x           x
Other Requirements
ACCTG 201 BAD 1       x      
ECON 102 ECON 2       x      
GEOL 100 GEOL 1       x      
GEOL 101 GEOL 1L       x      
PHIL 101 PHIL 7       x      


* Sequence/courses must be completed at institution offering those courses


Aero   Aerospace Engineering   Elec   Electrical Engineering
Civil   Civil Engineering   Env   Environmental Engineering
Comp   Computer Engineering   Mech;   Mechanical Engineering
Cons   Construction Engineering