Why Choose College?

Some students have a clear idea of why to attend college. Maybe they are working towards a career goal or they simply enjoy gaining knowledge. Others may be in college because of family expectations. How are your values and family background influencing your decisions to attend college?

1. The main reason I will be attending SRJC is _________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________.

2. If I were not going to college, I would rather be _______________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________.

3. If I had the money and could do anything I wanted to do this year, I would _____________ _________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________.

4. Considering the influence of my parents and others I’d say my decision to go to college has been based on one of the following reasons:

a. It was mainly my decision but influenced a little by others.

b. It was mainly other peoples’ decision but I was OK with it.

c. It was about equally my decision and the influence of others.

d. It was just assumed I’d go to college.

5. Rank the following reasons for attending college in order of importance, 1 being the most important reason.

____ to please my parents

____ to have fun

____ to get a degree

____ to prepare for a career

____ to make friends

____ to better support my family

____ to avoid having to work for awhile

____ to find a boyfriend/girlfriend

____ to be able to get a better job

____ to be able to continue living at home

____ to explore new ideas and experiences

____ to acquire new information

____ to learn how to learn

____ to learn how to solve problem