Academic Integrity & Your Grades

Your Grades & Maintaining Good Academic Standing

Earning high grades in your college coursework has many benefits to help you:

Scholarships often require around a 3.0 GPA (grade point average)

Financial aid requires a 2.0 GPA

Transfer eligibility to universities, especially for majors or campuses that are impacted

Good academic standing at SRJC requires a minimum 2.0 GPA 

 Policies affected by GPA include:

Probation and Dismissal


Withdrawing from a course may result in a W (which stands for withdrawal) on your transcript. Withdrawals are not factored into a GPA and no credit is earned for the course. Speak with your instructor and/or a counselor before withdrawing from a course. Pay close attention to the deadlines to withdraw from a course. Typically, you have the first 3 weeks of a full semester course to withdraw without a notation on your transcript.

Loss of Priority Registration & BOG Fee Waiver

After two consecutive semesters of academic or progress probation, you will lose priority registration and be required to register during the open registration period for the next semester. You will also lose eligibility for the BOG fee waiver.