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summer hours, Monday through Thursday, open from nine to five. Fridays are closed


Student ID Number is required for Drop-ins and Appointments***

Drop-in Counseling 

Online Counseling Meeting with a Student

Don't have an appointment? Join our drop-ins. Use the online system below to add yourself to our phone or zoom drop-in list. For in-person drop-ins, please head to our front desk to sign up!  Drop-ins are first-come-first-serve so expect a bit of a wait time!

Add your name to the Drop-in List.

Please contact us at (707) 527-4451 for any questions or a wait-time estimate!

Please note:  The website drop-in has a limit and will not let you add yourself if it has been reached. If you are not able to add yourself online, call us at (707) 527-4451 to be added manually. 



Schedule an Appointment

Our 30 to 45 minute future phone, Zoom, or In-Person appointments are available, but for now, we are mostly serving students daily through our drop-in Phone, Zoom or in-person lists. 


Schedule an In-person Appointment

Schedule a phone appointment

Schedule, view or cancel an Online Video Appointment 


You may also use your Student Portal to schedule, cancel or reschedule your appointment. If none of the appointments below fit your availability, please call our office to see if arrangements can be made.

If no appointments are listed, they have been booked for the upcoming two weeks. For future appointments or drop-ins, call us at (707) 527-4451/ (707) 778-3914